Undertow. 57 cm X 73 cm. Mixed media


Meandering. 50 cm X 50 cm. Mixed media. Sold


Contemplation. Sold


Crail Beach. 38 cm x 38 cm – mixed media. Sold


Lewis Beachfront. Sold


Treasure. Sold


Slipstream. Sold.


Reflecting. Sold


Spirited. 78 cm x 83 cm. Sold

Blooms at Seilebost. 41 cm X 41 cm. Mixed media. Sold


Blooms at Seilebost I. 43 cm x 43 cm . Mixed media. Sold.


Bright Blue. 56 cm x 73 cm. Mixed media


Autumn Birches. Sold


Shining Through. 40 cm X 40 cm. Mixed media. Sold


Red Rocks. Sold


Shadow Dancing. Sold


January, Sold


Boxing Day. 53 cm x 53 cm. Sold


Calm Reflection. 43 cm x 43 cm. Mixed media. Sold


Into the Woods. Sold


Autumn Remnants. Sold


Before the Blossom Fell. Sold


After the Flood. Sold


Blossom and Rain. Sold


The Avenue. Sold.


The Necropolis, Glasgow. Sold






Red and Gold. Sold


Black and Gold. Sold


Moonshadow. Sold


All in a Row. Sold


Floodlit. Sold



Baby Birches. Sold


Hidden Depths. Sold


Deep Reflection. Sold

Ray of Light. Mixed media. Sold


Fire and Water. Sold


Moody Blue. Sold


Through the Bracken. Sold


Frozen Lake. Sold

Golden Wood. Sold

Silver Shadow. Sold


Light and Shade. Mixed media. Sold


Winter Edge. Sold


Evening Light. Sold


Winter Dance. 48 cm x 48 cm. Sold


Wild wood. Sold


Deep Purple. 42 cm x 42 cm. Mixed media. Sold


The Canopy. Sold


Patchwork. 75 cm x 75 cm. Mixed media.Sold


Lush. 80 cm x 80 cm. Mixed media. Sold


Garnet Field. Sold


Still and Silent. Sold


Ploughed. Sold



Entangled. Sold


Dappled Light 78 cm x 102 cm. Sold


Mysterious Aura. Mixed media.


Many Shades of Green. Mixed media. Sold


Chasing Shadows. 45 cm X 30 cm approx. Mixed media. Sold



Winter Morning Walk. Sold


Rainstorm. Mixed media


Bright Day,St Kilda 68 cm x 78 cm – mixed media. Sold


Railings Reflected. 44 cm x 44 cm. Mixed media


Lights and Rain. 48 cm x 48 cm. Mixed media. Sold


Bridge Reflections. 45 cm x 45 cm. Mixed media


Frost, Central Park. 55 cm X 72 cm. Mixed media


Golden Leaves. Mixed media. Mounted size 37 cm x 37 cm. Sold


Storm over St Kilda 92 cm x 117 cm. Private commission- sold